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The Sudbury Catholic District School Board (SCDSB) has a reputation for providing the highest quality of education in line with Ontario Secondary School requirements. Our schools offer first-class secondary programs designed to prepare students for success at the post-secondary level.  

Students receive exceptional math, science, social science, and language instruction in first-rate, innovative labs and school facilities. Administrators, teachers, support staff, and students are committed to creating a safe and welcoming school environment to help international students feel at home in our school communities. Extracurricular highlights include championship-winning sports teams, dynamic school clubs and student committees, and outdoor adventure opportunities. The Sudbury Catholic District School Board offers international students an opportunity to achieve a competitive academic advantage while shaping students to be the leaders of tomorrow!

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ST. Benedict catholic secondary school

Recognized by the Fraser Institute as a leader in the province and Number One in the City, St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School takes pride in its high academic excellence, competitive sports programs, and innovative programs and facilities. The secondary school consistently outperforms the provincial average in its EQAO math and literacy scores and has a reputation for ensuring that students are well-prepared for post-secondary education.

The school’s dedicated, dynamic staff is committed to providing students with a competitive advantage through the development of 21st century knowledge and skills. A diverse range of programs and learning tasks enabled by technology prepare students for a rapidly changing, technologically-driven, globalized world. By providing students with opportunities like hands-on, experiential learning and a learning environment that emphasizes critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and entrepreneurship, St. Benedict equips students with skills that will lead them to become successful leaders and innovators.

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marymount academy

As Northern Ontario’s only girls-only school, Marymount Academy is a unique learning environment where girls flourish in academics, athletics, arts, and leadership roles. The Academy has a long-standing commitment to providing a learning environment which places girls first. Students are constantly challenged, stimulated, and encouraged by dedicated and caring staff with an in-depth understanding of how girls learn and succeed.

Marymount Academy has a strong reputation for academic excellence, with graduates who excel in all areas. Its EQAO math and literacy scores consistently surpass provincial averages and its Advanced Placement Program allows students to earn university credits recognized by North American Universities while still in high school. The Academy’s high post-secondary acceptance rate comes as no surprise as challenging and engaging course offerings, a committed staff, and a strong culture of achievement help to ensure that students are well-prepared for post-secondary education. At Marymount Academy, girls are encouraged to reach their individual potential in a warm and supportive school environment that fosters growth and excellence.

Feature: Read Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg Distinguised Professor Sabine Stanley reflect on the value of her years spent as a Marymount Student.

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With over 1,200 students, St. Charles College is Sudbury’s largest high school. The school motto – goodness, discipline and knowledge – is embedded in the school’s rich history and culture. St. Charles is a leader in providing dynamic and innovative program offerings intended to prepare students for post-secondary education and careers. The high school features a number of Specialist High-skills Major programs (Health & Wellness, Transportation, Sports & Recreation, and Business), and provides unique experiential learning opportunities through their Dual Credit program, Ontario Youth Apprenticeship program, and Co-operative Education program that allow students to earn secondary and post-secondary school credits while completing school and work placements.

The school’s staff consists of dedicated, committed, and caring professionals who strive to meet the individual needs of all students. A leader in math and technology, St. Charles’s EQAO math scores consistently surpass provincial averages and the school features cutting-edge software and equipment in its labs and spacious wood and automotive shops. Last but not least, anyone visiting the school cannot miss the number of championship banners that adorn the school’s walls. St. Charles is an athletic force to be reckoned with, as it boasts the greatest number of athletic championship titles in the city.

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bishop alexander carter catholic secondary school

Committed to providing students with an intellectually challenging learning environment, Bishop Alexander Carter (BAC) high school equips students with twenty-first century skills needed in the post-secondary and work world. A leader in science and technology, BAC proudly offers a number of Specialist High Skills Majors (Information and Communication Technology, Manufacturing and Robotics, and Health & Wellness) in addition to ensuring that students have up-to-date wireless technology in all of their classes.

Unique to BAC is the Bishop Elite Sports Training (BEST) program which is designed to help students achieve excellence in academics, leadership, and athletics in order to help them acquire a competitive edge both on the field and in the classroom. Also, the high school’s GREAT program, the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship program, and Dual Credit and Co-operative Education programs are designed to prepare students for the exciting world of the trades through hands-on courses and relevant job experience. Finally, BAC is committed to providing students with a comprehensive high school experience through its extensive offerings of athletics, clubs, and school activities.

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