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City of Greater Sudbury

Voted the Happiest City in Canada in 2015

Sudbury is located in northern Ontario, in close proximity to major cities such as Toronto and Ottawa. It is surrounded by pristine lakes, forests, and fresh air. The city provides students with the experience and amenities of urban life while surrounded by natural beauty.

As a city of only 160,000 people, Sudbury allows students to be more immersed in mainstream English speaking culture and language than they would be in a larger metropolitan centre.

Fresh Water

There are a total of 330 freshwater lakes within the city – more lakes than any other municipality in Canada. Lake Wahnapitae is the largest city-contained lake in the world. Ramsey Lake, in the heart of Sudbury is the second.

Go Green

Between 1978 and 2017, over 9.7 million trees were planted in Sudbury. Sudbury has received numerous awards for its aggressive land reclamation program, including a United Nations Local Government Award and the United States Chevron Award.

The Big Nickel

Sudbury’s landmark the Big Nickel is 9 metres (30 ft) high and is recognized around the world. It is an exact replica of the 1951 Canadian nickel. Built in 1964, it symbolizes the wealth Sudbury has contributed to the Canadian economy through nickel production.


Sudbury is home to the largest integrated mining complex in the world. There are 5,000 km (3,107 mi.) of mining tunnels under the Sudbury area. Placed end-to-end, you could drive from Sudbury to Vancouver underground.

Welcoming Community

Citizens of Sudbury have a reputation for being warm and hospitable. Sudbury is home to a number of multicultural associations and newcomer services, and many unique multicultural events and festivals.

Spacious City

The City of Greater Sudbury is the largest in Northern Ontario with a population of 160,770. It covers an area of 3,627 sq. km (1,400 sq. mi.) – about five times the surface area of Singapore.

Main Languages Spoken


Main Industries

Mining Supply and Services
Wholesale Trade

Post-Secondary Institutions

Laurentian University
Cambrian College
Collège Boréal
Northern Ontario School of Medicine

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